How do you pronounce Cogitai?

Koh ji tie, jə tī, or Koʊˈ dʒɪ taɪ, depending on which pronunciation system you prefer.

Where is Cogitai located?

Our headquarters is located in Orange County in Southern California,
USA. We prefer our employees to be located there. However, as some
of our team is geographically distributed already, for extremely talented
applicants we will consider facilitating working from remote locations.

What is "continual learning"?

Continual learning draws a distinction between the current emphasis within machine learning/reinforcement learning on narrowly-scoped, though possibly quite challenging, tasks and Cogitai’s emphasis on building learning systems that can learn simple knowledge and skills from early experience and then use them to learn more complex knowledge and skills from later experience in a continual positive feedback cycle.

Is continual learning a mature technology?

Continual learning builds on many exciting developments in machine learning, deep learning, and reinforcement learning. There is much that can be done already, but there is also still more research and development to be done. Cogitai has the leading researchers working on continual learning on its team.