Delivering on the future promise of AI with the first self-learning, actionable Artificial Intelligence (AI) SaaS Platform

The next generation of Artificial Intelligence, where business processes, systems and software bots continually learn from decisions and experience

The Continua Platform

  • Continua is a platform for the development and deployment of AI for self-improving decision-making systems.
  • Continua is the most comprehensive commercial platform for self-learning AI, containing the most advanced AI technologies, including supervised learning and reinforcement-learning methods, which accelerates progress in continual self-learning, with the ability to predict the future and improve any process.
  • Continua enables collective learning across the platform and optimizes for your next customer.
  • Continua allows human training of the AI to speed and focus the learning process.
  • Continua automates nearly any repetitive decision process. The greater the number of decisions to be made, the more Continua can help.

World-class AI Brain Trust designing the next generation of AI

The founders Mark Ring, Peter Stone and Satinder Singh Baveja are three of the leading innovators in designing AI to learn knowledge and actions from experience, with a combined total of over 60 years of active research and development in AI.

Collaborating with the brightest minds in AI