CogitAI’s vision is to turn any process, system, or software bot into a continual self-learning autonomous service to drive actionable business outcomes.

AI is transforming all types of businesses and industries. Getting it right is vitally important, but extremely difficult because AI requires people, usually lots of people, to provide labeled examples for systems to learn from. That’s why the biggest opportunities for AI in business won’t arise until systems can start learning on their own.

CogitAI is solving this problem with its general-purpose, self-learning AI SaaS platform that continually learns and autonomously acts to improve business processes, systems, and software bots.

CogitAI brought to market Continua™, the industry’s first self-learning SaaS platform, and the most comprehensive commercial platform for reinforcement learning and supervised learning. It accelerates progress in continual learning, with the ability to predict the effects of its actions and improve any process.

The use cases for self-learning are endless in applications including:

  • Vehicles
  • Video Games
  • Building Management
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Customer-service bots
  • Web Marketing
  • AI  coaches personalizing wellness and fitness
  • AI software testing bots that learn to find and fix issues
  • On-board calibration and real-time energy management for semiconductors

Key highlights of Continua include:

  • Enables collective data learning across the platform and ability to apply to similar use cases
  • Human training of the AI to focus and speed the learning process.
  • Automation of nearly any repetitive decision process. The greater the number of decisions to be made, the more Continua can help.
  • A simple but flexible RESTful interface that allows customers to define the format of the data and the objectives that Continua should learn to maximize.