Automated Marketing

Reaching customers used to be an art, but with the big data revolution it is now a science. Cogitai leverages the marketing data you already collect to make better decisions and yield more customers with higher retention. In particular, Cogitai can use sequential data collected about mailing campaigns, website impressions, coupon offers, and ad click-through-rates to help you make targeted advertising decisions to convert individual customers at-scale and in real time.

Customer Engagement

Go beyond simple A/B testing. Your business does everything it can to grab the attention of customers and clients from changing the look and feel of your user interface to sending timely mobile notifications. Cogitai can help you understand not just the impact of each action individually but also combinations and sequences of actions and their effect on a variety of customer segments. Let Cogitai help you make fast, dynamic changes to your customer engagement strategies to improve your bottom line.

Customized Interactive Robots

One of the ideal showcase applications for continual learning, and one of the areas in which our technology is most advanced, is in enabling interactive robots to learn complex capabilities incrementally, through both human training and autonomous exploration.¬†Cogitai’s Continual Learning platform allows these robots to develop increasingly sophisticated skills and knowledge, unique to their environments and customized by human interaction.

Other Applications

  • cybersecurity
  • insurance
  • predictive maintenance
  • customer care/contact centers
  • supply chain management
  • recommendation systems

Please contact us for details.

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