Cogitai Joins The Partnership on AI

A main premise of Cogitai is that Artificial Intelligence technologies, and in particular those related to reinforcement learning and continual learning, hold immense potential power when it comes to enabling everyday things that sense and act get smarter, more skilled, and more knowledgeable over time with experience. At Cogitai, we recognize that, as the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility. It is for this reason that we are very excited to be joining the Partnership on AI, whose thematic pillars represent the recognition that companies pushing the frontiers of AI must always keep this responsibility in mind. Because our ambitions for our novel continual learning technology are broad, we at Cogitai identify with and embrace all the main thematic pillars of the Partnership on AI, including those pertaining to safety-critical AI; fair, transparent, and accountable AI; collaborations between people and AI systems; AI labor, and the economy; social and societal influences of AI; and AI and the social good. Through the Partnership, we are proud to be working with many like-minded companies on ensuring that the impacts of AI technologies end up benifitting all the people and societies of the world!

We look forward to collaborating with other industry-leading Partnership on AI members to address the challenges and opportunities within the AI field including companies, nonprofits and institutions and with founding members Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google / DeepMind, IBM and Microsoft; existing Partners AAAI, ALCU, OpenAI; and new Partners: AI Forum of New Zealand (AIFNZ), Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2), Centre for Democracy & Technology (CDT), Centre for Internet and Society, India (CIS), Data & Society Research Institute, Digital Asia Hub, eBay, Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Future of Humanity Institute (FHI), Future of Privacy Forum, Human Rights Watch, Intel, Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence (CFI), McKinsey & Company, SAP, Salesforce, Sony, UNICEF, Upturn, XPRIZE Foundation and Zalando.

Cogitai Announces Addition of Dr. Peter Wurman, Co-Founder of Kiva Systems

NEW YORKJan. 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Cogitai, the artificial intelligence (AI) start-up focused on next generation machine learning technologies, announced today that Kiva Systems Co-Founder Dr. Peter Wurman has joined the company as Vice President of Engineering. In this role, Dr. Wurman will be in charge of overseeing Cogitai’s engineering operations and project planning.

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Cogitai’s Mark Ring – Going Beyond Reinforcement Learning

(TechEmergence – Daniel Faggella) Episode Summary: Today’s episode is about continual learning, a focus of Cogitai, a company dedicated to building AI’s that interact and learn from the real world. Cogitai’s Cofound and CEO Mark Ring talks about the differences between supervised and reinforcement, and how Cogitai intends to take reinforcement learning in the direction of continual learning. Ring also touches on where he sees an opportunity for applying continual learning in domains like vehicles, consumer apps, etc., and improving abstract levels of understanding by machines.

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