GHELIA joins forces with Cogitai, Inc. the U.S.-Based Reinforcement Learning Specialist

GHELIA Inc. and Cogitai, Inc. are pleased to announce a strategic business partnership. Cogitai was co-founded by Professor Peter Stone, Dr. Mark Ring, and Professor Satinder Singh, all experts in autonomous agents and reinforcement learning, and boasts a world-class team of research talent.

The two companies plan to align their businesses closely. GHELIA and Cogitai will work to combine their expertise in deep and reinforcement learning to deliver cutting-edged solutions for a variety of business sectors including finance, construction, gaming, and more.

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Meet Alchemist Accelerator’s latest demo day cohort

(TechCrunch — John Biggs) An IoT-enabled lab for cannabis farmers, a system for catching drones mid-flight and the Internet of Cows are a few of the 17 startups exhibiting today at Alchemist Accelerator’s 18th demo day. The event, which will be streamed live here, focuses on big data and AI startups with an enterprise bent.

Cogitai – This team of 16 PhDs wants to usher in a more powerful type of AI called continual learning. The founders are the fathers of the field — and include professors in computer science from UT Austin and U Michigan. Unlike what we commonly think of as AI, Cogitai’s AI is built to acquire new skills and knowledge from experience, much like a child does. They have closed $2 million in bookings this year, and have $5 million in funding.

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Cogitai Announces Addition of Dr. Peter Wurman, Co-Founder of Kiva Systems

NEW YORKJan. 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Cogitai, the artificial intelligence (AI) start-up focused on next generation machine learning technologies, announced today that Kiva Systems Co-Founder Dr. Peter Wurman has joined the company as Vice President of Engineering. In this role, Dr. Wurman will be in charge of overseeing Cogitai’s engineering operations and project planning.

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Cogitai’s Mark Ring – Going Beyond Reinforcement Learning

(TechEmergence – Daniel Faggella) Episode Summary: Today’s episode is about continual learning, a focus of Cogitai, a company dedicated to building AI’s that interact and learn from the real world. Cogitai’s Cofound and CEO Mark Ring talks about the differences between supervised and reinforcement, and how Cogitai intends to take reinforcement learning in the direction of continual learning. Ring also touches on where he sees an opportunity for applying continual learning in domains like vehicles, consumer apps, etc., and improving abstract levels of understanding by machines.

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Sony Joins Forces with Cogitai to Conduct Research and Development for the Next Wave of Artificial Intelligence

TOKYO, May 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Sony Corporation today announced that it has teamed with Cogitai, an artificial intelligence (AI) start-up focused on next generation technologies. Specifically, Sony has invested in Cogitai and the two companies plan to collaborate towards the development of novel AI technologies using deep reinforcement learning with prediction technology that could be used as the basis for the next generation of AI applications and products.

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Artificial Intelligence Company Cogitai Announces Sony Strategic Investment

ANAHEIM, Calif., May 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Cogitai, a new company aimed at developing and commercializing core artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, today announced a strategic investment from Sony Corporation.

Cogitai is focused on addressing one of the biggest problems confronting AI: namely, that no existing AI system has an understanding of the world comparable to a human’s. Even small children in the first few years of life develop an understanding of the world far richer and more sophisticated than the most elaborate AI systems on earth.

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Sony wants to push AIs to learn from their own experiences

Artificial intelligence is being put through rigorous training. Major technology companies like Microsoft, Google, IBM and Amazon have invested heavily in machine learning techniques that teach systems how to think and react like humans. Now Sony is stepping in to introduce a new layer of learning that it believes will power the next generation of AIs.

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