Yes, We Are Hiring!

The ideal candidate will:

1) have extensive AI expertise, especially in reinforcement learning and/or robotics;

2) have strong system-building skills; and

3) be passionate about helping us make continual learning practical in a broad range of applications.

For candidates at the Ph.D. level, 1) is more important.  For candidates at the Bachelors and Masters level, 2) is more important.  3) is essential for everyone!

We seek ambitious and dedicated individuals at all levels of experience, ranging from Bachelors to post-Ph.D.

Please email resumés to- [email protected].

See below for position-specific job listings.

Software Engineer – Platform

Location flexible!

At Cogitai, we’re on a mission to make machines more useful by helping them understand and control the world through their own experience.

We are looking for software engineers to build our continual learning platform. The perfect candidate is a backend or systems engineer with understanding of data pipelines to build and maintain Cogitai’s data ingestion and processing frameworks. We are looking for developers who feel comfortable moving fast and working with cloud-based technologies to build for scalable, sophisticated machine learning technologies.

We are a small startup founded by some of the world’s leaders in machine learning and funded by a significant strategic investment from the Sony Corporation. We offer flexible work arrangements and excellent benefits. We are a distributed company, with team members all around North America and some in Europe, who collaborate closely using online tools. You must be comfortable working remotely to be effective on our team.

We have a phenomenal team of machine learning experts with whom you will join forces. Ultimately, we are looking for curious and adaptable people who deliver results with minimal guidance.

“Let’s meet” skills

  •       Degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience
  •       3 or more years of software engineering experience
  •       Comfortable with remote work
  •       Self-starter (You like to get the job done, and will find the tools to do it)
  •       Experience creating scalable systems and applications
  •       Language polyglot, but particularly Python
  •       Comfortable with OO design paradigms
  •       Experience working with or writing fluent APIs
  •       Comfortable with service-oriented architectures
  •       Experience with agile processes and continuous deployment

“Preferred” skills

  •       Familiar with container technologies (Docker, Google Container Engine, etc)
  •       Experience with SQL and no-SQL databases
  •       Familiar with cloud technologies (AWS, Google compute, etc)

“We should have hired you yesterday” skills

  •       Familiar with large scale data processing tools like Spark, Storm, Kafka, etc.
  •       Experience with machine learning at scale
  •       Experience with machine learning toolkits, including Tensorflow or MXNet
  •       Experience with supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms

If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you!

Email: [email protected]