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  • (Fast Company — Jared Newman) Brethenoux also notes that Microsoft isn’t alone in trying to simplify AI development. He points to other companies like Cogitai, which offers its own platform for deep reinforcement learning, and to Google’s Cloud AutoML, which promises the ability to train custom AI models with minimal machine learning knowledge.

  • (ThyBlackMan — Staff) One more thing we should not forget is Sony’s interest in artificial intelligence. After virtual reality, Sony is one of the companies interested in artificial intelligence. If you remember, the company introduced its own robot years ago. Now when Sony holds its shares in Cogitai, a company that works in the artificial intelligence domain, it is possible that we might see a console, the PlayStation 5, inspired by artificial intelligence.

  • (IT Business Edge — Mike Vizard) The gap between what most senior business executives believe can be accomplished by investing in artificial intelligence (AI) and what can be really accomplished today using AI has now widened to the point where a backlash against AI in the enterprise may be all but inevitable.

  • (Sun News Austin — Dr. Cliff Cunningham) World chess champion Garry Kasparov told an audience at SXSW in Austin that while some worry about robots taking over the world, “humans still have a monopoly on evil.”

  • (Technology Review) A startup called CogitAI has developed a platform that lets companies use reinforcement learning, the technique that gave AlphaGo mastery of the board game Go.

  • (Inside AI) Mention in Newsletter: The California-based startup was founded by AI experts including University of Texas professor Peter Stone, and the "father of reinforcement learning" Rich Sutton serves as an advisor.

  • (Seeking Alpha — Nick Cox) Mention on Page 4: My article in 2016 reported how the company had purchased California AI start-up Cogitai to ramp up its AI research. This may have been under-rated by the market.

  • (ECN — Spencer Chin) Fledgling AI startup Cogitai is trying to advance AI capabilities with a self-learning AI platform, called Continual™. The company is now making this AI platform available for businesses to put AI into action.

  • ( — Brett Kinsella) CogitAI yesterday launched Continua, a SaaS solution for enterprises implementing AI-based reinforcement learning solutions. Mark Ring, CEO and co-founder of CogitAI, commented in an interview with that:

Press contact: Nicole Conley