Innovation in Self-Learning AI

CogitAI’s Continua™ SaaS Platform

Evolution of AI

Until now, machine learning in AI has been highly specialized and limited to solving supervised learning problems. Supervised learning requires humans to manually label examples so the algorithms can find the relationships between the data and the labels. For example, companies developing self-driving car technologies hire hundreds of people to manually annotate hours of video feeds from prototype vehicles to help train their systems.

Reinforcement learning improves on supervised learning by enabling the machine learning algorithms to choose actions and discover which sequences of actions lead to mastering a predefined task. This is applicable to many real-life problems.

For example, when you drive to work, you make a long sequence of decisions, where each has an impact on your total commute time, and a decision that looks good at the moment might still lead to a traffic jam down the road. Reinforcement learning algorithms can figure out which decisions are best, even those made at the start of the drive.

The CogitAI Continua Platform Solution

CogitAI’s Continua platform is a general-purpose solution that enlists advanced reinforcement learning and continual learning technology to enable self-learning for improving any process, system, software bot, or robot while personalizing the experience for each user.

Available today for licensing, Continua is the first commercially available self-learning AI SaaS platform, with internal and external SaaS implementations. It is the most comprehensive commercial platform for reinforcement learning and supervised learning, which accelerates progress in continual self-learning, with the ability to predict the effects of its actions and improve any process.

Key highlights include:

  • Enables collective learning across the platform and application to similar use cases.
  • Allows human training of the AI to focus and speed the learning process.
  • Automates nearly any repetitive decision process. The greater the number of decisions to be made, the more Continua can help.
  • Offers relatively simple but flexible RESTful interface where customers can define the format of the data and the objectives that Continua should learn to maximize.
  • Includes client libraries in Java, Javascript, Python and others that communicate with Continua, and lower-level APIs for machine learning, reinforcement learning customization as needed.
  • Continua’s team of PhD engineers can work closely with customers to help optimize their installations.

Integrating your System with Continua

The CogitAI platform Continua is hosted in the cloud or inside your company’s firewall. To access Continua from your system, you will first need to create a corporate account on the platform. Once the account is established, your services will use that account information to establish secure connections to Continua.

Continua Walkthrough